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Andy Fronius

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Gen Z & Marketing Expert.

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Your Go-To Marketing Partner.

Creator Coach for Gen Z and Marketing Experts

Hi! I'm Andy Fronius from Western Europe. As a Gen Z & Marketing expert, I offer insights that pierce through the digital noise to reach the youth. My experience in both theology and marketing sets me apart. Let's build something meaningful together.

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I research Youth Trends
and Digital Insights.

On Mr Jugendarbeit I teach about current insights into the young generations and how to effectively reach out to them.

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Our Journey to Digital Excellence:

Step 1

Understanding Needs

Our collaboration kicks off by understanding your vision. This ensures we're aligned from the outset. Let's connect to delve deeper.

Step 2

Building Trust

Our initial meet is about aligning our wavelengths and setting expectations. We discuss specifics, address queries, and chalk out our road ahead.

Step 3

Strategic Blueprint

Post our meet, I'll lay out a customized proposal, ensuring transparency in costing - no hourly rates, just a project-based approach.

Step 4

Crafting Digital Magic

With all resources at hand, I venture into creation. Prioritizing open communication, you'll be updated regularly via channels of your preference.

Step 5

Launch & Mentorship

Quality assurance is paramount. Post rigorous testing, we go live. And my commitment doesn't just end at launch. I'm here to guide post-launch too.

Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?

Apart from website development, I provide coaching in youth development, marketing strategies, and digital church integration.

How does pricing work?

Project-based pricing ensures clarity. Rates begin at $200 and scale based on the project's complexity.

Who have you partnered with?

Brands like Fontis, TWR, OM and Willow. From startups to renowned organizations, I cater to diverse needs.

Do you work globally?

Absolutely! Hailing from Europe, I've collaborated with partners across continents, from North America to Switzerland.

How do we handle payments?

A simple 50-50 model: 50% upfront, 50% post-launch. For international transactions, I recommend Stripe, or PayPal.

Project duration?

Projects can span anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on intricacies involved.

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